Mystic Game Of Sound

Music Waves

Music is a god gift to humans. Many of us are unaware of the real purpose of it. Before reading further, imagine yourself sitting on a comfortable chair near a beautiful beach, and the musical sound is originating from your stero set. Now feel the beauty of those sound currents taking your soul into realms of peace. It is also known as the music of the soul. Old scriptures described how musical waves of beautiful sound pulls our astral self to higher realms of consciousness. Agame is home to such simulating games.

Almost all organisms have an attraction towards the sound. We can see in various science experiments how insects and even plants are sensitive to the voice of different scientific instruments. Even humans use many sounds during the production of toys for kids. There are many examples to prove this point. Pets like Netherland Dwarfs respond with happiness whenever they hear a sound from a toy. Music filled their soul with excitement, which cannot be described in words as it is an unwritable experience. I remember an experiment done in our school to understand the value of sound in our life and its depth in our conscious brain. It is one of the crucial senses of our body. Sound Kitoni was the name given to that experiment. In that experiment, all other thoughts were kept disabled to see how much data our brain can get from hearing sense. The result was impressive as it told science teachers that we have a limited capability of attention, and we can move attention from one sense to another. Keeping our attention focused on one sense only enables our ability to understand gathered data from that protocol.

Musical Gaming Dice

Songs, Videos & Games are dull without the effect of sound in them. Silver Games use music in their games, which increases the engagement of online players. Action games have loud and bold style music, while adventure games have suspenseful music. I am not a technical person, but I have seen some websites use background music on their portals to give a charming effect to their users. Many Artists use different mixing effects in their songs to go deep in the hearts of their fans. Some websites use separating musical voice to describe the pain of the Lord and its son. Click here to learn about history of Games.

To conclude, the sound has its own identity, which is hidden from the general public. Those who seek will find the hidden secrets of the music or better known as The Sound Current Of Life.